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The Challenge

Picfee, a thriving company specializing in offering high-quality prints, faced a challenge with their existing webshop. Using WordPress, the webshop experienced significant performance issues. Loading even simple pages took nearly 15 seconds, resulting in a frustrating user experience and a loss of potential customers. Picfee urgently needed a solution that would not only improve the webshop's performance but also optimize its overall functionality.

Our Approach

At No Pulp, we understand the critical role that performance and user-friendliness play in the success of a webshop. To address Picfee's challenges, we followed a thorough and goal-oriented approach. We began with two strategic meetings to gain in-depth insights into Picfee's specific needs and objectives. Then, we applied our expertise in web development and best practices to create a customized solution.

With a focus on performance optimization, we made the decision to rebuild the webshop using Laravel, a robust and scalable PHP framework. This choice allowed us to drastically improve the speed and responsiveness of the webshop. We also paid attention to simplifying navigation and streamlining the checkout process, enabling customers to browse the webshop effortlessly and complete their purchases.

The Result

The result of our collaboration with Picfee is an impressive transformation of their webshop. By migrating to Laravel, we have drastically reduced page load times. What used to take nearly 15 seconds now loads in the blink of an eye, significantly improving the user experience. The revamped webshop has also led to increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

In addition, we paid attention to the visual appeal of the webshop, creating a professional and modern design that reflects Picfee's brand identity. Through smart integrations and backend adjustments, we simplified the management and maintenance of the webshop, allowing the Picfee team to focus more on core activities.
We can proudly say that our collaboration with Picfee has resulted in a successful transformation of their webshop.    

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